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Nylon Whips by Essentia, Nylon Singletail Whips, Nylon BullWhips, Nylon Snake Whips, Nylon Signal Whips made using only the best branded nylon cord of Type I, II, III, & IV. The UK Nylon Whipmaker.


No longer making Nylon Whips

Due to a family illness and the commitments that go along with this, it has caused me to cut back on the amount of besoke work I take, as Nylon for me has been somewhat of a bolt on, it is with regret that I announce that from here on and until the foreseeable future I will not be taking on any more bespoke nylon work.

I do have a substantial amout of nylon cord in stock and so it may well be worth you checking the off the shelf page, which rather than lead you to another page on this site, now leads you to a buy it now, shop style where I will be putting up for sale any work I have time to fit in.







“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection so we can catch excellence.”

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